Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Santa found us in Burlington. Brad opened some Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, he was pretty excited to see what was in his stocking and presents.

Brad loves brushing his teeth. We got him a toothbrush that sings the ABCs and a couple other songs for a stocking stuffer. I think he'll have fun with it; he wanted to try it out right away.
Brad put the coat we got him on his head and started playing with his new doodle pad.
Brad and Phillip ready for church. We really enjoyed the Christmas program. It has been nice spending Christmas with Phillip's family. We got to skype with Todd on Christmas night. He looked great and sounds like he's enjoying the Philippines.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sledding and the Nativity

Brad, Phillip, and Janet went sledding again today. They seemed to have a lot of fun.
All bundled up
We had a family Christmas lunch today at the school cafeteria. After lunch, Grandma conducted a program which included the nativity.
Brad has been pretty cheesy lately. Most of his smiles look like grimaces because he tries to smile so big.
Brad loves this hat and the glasses. He thinks he's pretty funny when he's wearing them.
We have been putting Brad in Diana's room to nap because it is quite a bit darker in there. Brad started his nap on the bed but ended up by Diana's closet. I also found him on Diana's chair huddled in a ball during the nap. I'm not sure why he was traveling so much.

Phillip and I went on a date to Cody on Thursday. We stopped by the gun museum before we went out to eat. There were some pretty amazing old guns at the museum.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Phillip

Phillip turned 26 on the 21st. We celebrated his birthday on Monday because Ross and Hannah left for Denver on Tuesday. Phillip wanted his candles in some dinner rolls so the wax wouldn't get in his cheesecake. We tried to get Brad to help blow out the candles, but he was too busy observing everything else that was going on around him.
Brad and Phillip getting pulled on a sled by Uncle Ross. Ross was on the four wheeler. Dwight is in the background. Brad says Dwight's name more than anything else.
Brad and Aunt Hannah playing blocks.

Grandma Davidson and Brad playing blocks.
Ross and Hannah hanging out.

Around the House

Brad hanging out in Aunt Diana's chair.
Homework on the couch.

Brad and Aunt Diana ready for church.
Aunt Hannah and Aunt Janet giving Brad a horse ride.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Christmas Craft Post

My young women and I made these trees out of paper. Again, we used them for the ward Christmas party. They took a lot of time, but I thought they turned out well.

Christmas Crafts and Things

My young women and I made these boxes and bows out of paper for decorations at the ward Christmas party.
I made this advent calendar with some friends I craft with. We were on day fifteen in this picture, so most of the pieces of paper had been turned over by this point.
I made this paper rose wreath to go along with the paper rose balls on my tree.
Our stockings hanging over the fireplace. The Christmas trees in the frames at the bottom of the picture were also used for decorations at our ward Christmas party. I made ten of them.
More Christmas decorations. Brad has loved looking at all the decorations and saying "pri-ee."

Christmas Doings

Our Christmas tree is candy cane themed this year. I made paper rose balls to put on the tree and added some red and white ribbon that my mom gave me. I was happy with how it turned out, but I couldn't get a very good picture of the tree.

We had our ward Christmas party about a week ago. Brad did well on Santa's lap, but he kept trying to grab the bells attached to Santa's wrists.
Phillip and Brad at the ward party anxiously awaiting the prayer so they could get in line for the food.
Phillip just finished a hard semester in school. He did pretty well. This is the wheelchair he designed and made for one of his engineering classes. It's an all-terrain wheelchair designed specifically for individuals living in lesser developed countries where terrains are not even.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brad in his Halloween costume

Brad and the neighbor kids. Emily is holding Brad in place. She insisted on being a ninja turtle. I'm really not sure why because she isn't really a tomboy. I don't think she cared she was in what a lot of people consider a boy costume. I thought it was kind of funny. Ross is the skeleton, and Gracey is the giraffe. That one I got; Gracey LOVES giraffes.

Brad is a dog if you can't tell. I tried to get him to stand in place by giving him a piece of candy. He loved the candy, but he didn't look at the camera much or hold still for very long.

I had a lot of fun trick-or-treating with Brad. We went with some neighbor friends, and he wanted to run with the older kids to each door. He ran pretty quickly considering his size. By the time he got to the door of each house, most of the older kids were already down the steps and off to the next house. He tried to go into a lot of homes, and he had to be reminded pretty constantly that he was supposed to only take one piece of candy.
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Video of Brad Trick-or-Treating


Friday, October 28, 2011

Around the house

Brad's Jack-O-Lantern Halloween candy bag is hanging up on one of our doors for decoration. Brad likes to take it off the door and put it on his head. He walks around and puts stuff in the bag. I don't know why it's so amusing, but I like it because it keeps him busy for a minute.

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Halloween Mutual Party

We had a Halloween party for mutual last Wednesday. I think it went really well except for the caramel apples we attempted to make. I must not know how to perfect caramel in the hard ball phase because our end product was break your teeth hard. The girls were good sports about it; a couple licked their caramel for two hours while we played games. It was like the never ending jaw breaker.

Denene, our personal progress adviser, made this creepy cracker/chip dip platter. She's all about the grotesque Halloween decor while I like the cutesy stuff a little more. One of the other leaders wanted to use the platter for a Halloween party she's going to have, but when she saw the crackers in between the fingers, she decided it was a little too gross for her to handle.

From left to right there's Lori, Demi, and Ashley.

From left to right there's Lydia, Aubrey, and Kaylee.


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