Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Fun

The neighbor girls and I made easter cookies and dyed easter eggs today.

Brad was just happy to be there.

This is Emily with one of her eggs.

This is Gracie enjoying one of her cookies.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I helped my friend decorate for a family event she held at the church gym. She liked the value flowers I made for YWs, so I helped her make some of her own for each of the tables in the gym. We also made miniature pom pom balls out of tissue paper.
Food table minus the food.
I thought these water bottles were so cute. My friend found polka-dot tape to put around the label on the bottles. I thought it was a fun idea.

Lip Gloss

We had a beauty night for mutual last Wednesday. We learned about skin care and make-up, and we also learned how to make lip gloss. I can post the recipe if anyone is interested. I got the lip gloss containers at Michael's. I printed the flower buttons that are on the lids from the online scrapbook software Katie and Abby got me for my birthday. I had the girls cut out and modge-podge the flowers on top of the containers as part of the activity. I think they turned out cute.
Brad wasn't sure what to do with the lip gloss...
so he tried to eat it.