Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Rest of the Bundy Reunion...Finally

I tried several times to get this pictures posted at the library. I have been thwarted in my efforts more than once. One such occasion included Brad throwing up all over me. Wonderful. Awkward. This is a picture of Brad and Uncle Brent toward the beginning of the reunion. Both are looking fairly clean and matchy patchy.

The fam. Phillip is holding Brad's head in place because he isn't very good at looking at the camera during pictures.

Phillip and Brad at the roping contest. Phillip had a pretty darn good showing during the roping. I think I might have some competition next year if the trend keeps up.

Brad loves his dad. Here, Brad is trying to take Phillip's hat. He thinks he's so funny when he's teasing people.

Grandpa Bundy, Mckinley, Clay, and Brad. We missed Laynee, Wesley (sp), Katie and Trevor. Mckinley and Clay especially missed their mom and dad. I'm so glad Wesley is out of the NICU.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bundy Reunion Continued...

Abby and I at the start of our race. Abby won. Sadly, I was in the middle of the pack. I hate that she's in my age group now. There are a lot of quick girls her age. I might have to train next year if I am going to give a better showing.

Brad is pretty dirty in this picture. He loved resting on Phillip's shoulders at the races.

Brad loved the dancing. He bounced up and down, and he loved being between Phillip and I during the slow songs. His grin was classic. In the photo above, Brad is just about ready to hit the sack. Grandma and Grandpa held him quite a bit while Phillip and I danced.

Phillip and I taking a breather at the dance. We took a lot of breathers.

Brad amusing himself at testimony meeting on Sunday. We had a really good testimony meeting this year, and it was a great reunion overall.