Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aunt Margie's Wedding

Aunt Margie and Bob with all of Aunt Margie's great nieces and nephews

Aunt Margie and Bob with all of Aunt Margie's nieces and nephews.

Uncle Bill, Aunt Jill, Grandpa, Grandma, Bob, Aunt Margie, my dad, my mom, Aunt Julie, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Barry.

Aunt Margie is ever the picture taker.
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The happy couple.

Grandma and Gramps were as happy as could be.

Aunt Margie was my mom's maid of honor a lot of years ago. We were all happy to see the roles reversed.
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This is where Bob and Aunt Margie sat during the luncheon. Believe it or not, my dad actually arranged most of the tulle for the backdrop. He has become a real fluffer over the years.

Our family.

The two cheesers.

Aunt Ab and Brad. Brad was saying her name by the end of the trip. She's relentless.

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The cake(s). My dad had someone cut out the pieces to the cake stand before he welded it together. This thing was heavy! Aunt Margie had ten cakes on this thing, and they were all real.

This is one of the six arrangements Hal made for our 25 tables. They had a lot of impact due to their size. It was nice to have them; they really helped fill the hall.
I thought this was a cute and relatively inexpensive way to make chair ties. We wanted to have chair covers, but they cost quite a bit per cover. Aunt Margie planned on about 200 family members at the luncheon. My mom figured that was a lot of chairs to have to cover.

My mom has a lot of glassware from previous weddings. We used a lot of it for the centerpieces.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aunt Margie's Wedding and Other News...

It is taking forever to upload all of my pictures from Aunt Margie's wedding, so I will have to upload in installments. Until tomorrow...

In terms of other news, I am going to have another baby. Phillip is definitely hoping for a boy, and so am I.
We had 25 tables at Aunt Margie's reception to accommodate all of our family as well as Bob's massive family. Naturally, we couldn't buy expensive flowers for every table. My Mom came up with this idea for a table decoration. Cute and relatively inexpensive.

My Mom and I bought some flowers from Hal and made eleven of the centerpieces. We tried to be really simple because we only had the flowers-no greens or much of anything else. I liked this one quite a bit. The limes in the bottom were fun to add, and the yellow roses clumped beautifully.

I love a pretty bouquet of simple roses. These were probably my favorite to make.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Canning and Such

We have been getting a ton of green beans. We canned some of them last Saturday night after I got home from Girls Camp. It took us six hours to can 21 quarts. It isn't necessarily hard to can, but it is such a long process, and it can be tricky some times-for me.
We have been getting quite a few peas from our garden. I am always depressed after I shell peas because we typically have WAY less than I thought we had before the shelling. Oh well. Brad and Phillip have been eating these like popcorn.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Davidson Family Reunion

We had fun at the Davidson Family reunion. It was really good to see Phillip's family. Brad loved playing with Dwight. Dwight was very patient with Brad considering what Brad put him through.

Brad loves playing with shovels and hoes. I think he could amuse himself with tools for hours on end.
Grandma Davidson and Brad.
Janet and Brad at a family dinner.
Diana and Brad playing together. Brad sure loved playing with his aunts. They were so good to him during the trip; they played with him a lot.

Brad thought he was pretty nifty when he pretended to drive the truck.
Phillip and Brad driving around the farm.
Brad and Cash (sp) at the parade. They had a fun time interacting with one another. Brad liked pushing around Cash on a little car at a family dinner we had. Brad thought he was so big, and he was laughing hard because he thought he was doing something an adult should be doing.
Brad was not happy at this point.