Saturday, September 3, 2011

Visit with Ross, Hannah, and Diana

Ross, Hannah (sp), and Diana visited us about two weeks ago. It was really nice to see them. I'm sorry I'm posting about it so late. It has gotten a lot harder to get to the library; Phillip is really busy right now, so he hasn't been able to watch Brad so I can go to the library to post. I no longer take Brad to the library when I am going to have to use the computer. I've had too many bad experiences.

We went to the fair on Friday night. We mostly looked at the sights except for the AWESOME ride Diana and Hannah experienced.

Hannah and Diana getting ready for the ride of their lives.

Up they go.

Around they go.

On Saturday morning, we went to the reservoir for a swim. Our neighbor let us borrow his canoe, so we were able to canoe out to some cliffs for some tame cliff jumping. Hannah was the first to go.

Ross, Hannah, and Brad. Brad likes to sit on people lately. Sorry Hannah.

Brad playing by the water.

Brad getting a canoe ride.

Ross and Hannah enjoying the water.

Diana, Brad, and Phillip playing in the canoe.

Ross the butterfly tamer. This butterfly was extremely friendly. Ross had it on his fingers at one point.

Brad floating with the canoe oar. He did NOT want to let the oar go. I don't understand his obsession with long sticks.

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