Friday, October 28, 2011

Around the house

Brad's Jack-O-Lantern Halloween candy bag is hanging up on one of our doors for decoration. Brad likes to take it off the door and put it on his head. He walks around and puts stuff in the bag. I don't know why it's so amusing, but I like it because it keeps him busy for a minute.

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Halloween Mutual Party

We had a Halloween party for mutual last Wednesday. I think it went really well except for the caramel apples we attempted to make. I must not know how to perfect caramel in the hard ball phase because our end product was break your teeth hard. The girls were good sports about it; a couple licked their caramel for two hours while we played games. It was like the never ending jaw breaker.

Denene, our personal progress adviser, made this creepy cracker/chip dip platter. She's all about the grotesque Halloween decor while I like the cutesy stuff a little more. One of the other leaders wanted to use the platter for a Halloween party she's going to have, but when she saw the crackers in between the fingers, she decided it was a little too gross for her to handle.

From left to right there's Lori, Demi, and Ashley.

From left to right there's Lydia, Aubrey, and Kaylee.


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Playing in the ditch

Brad loves playing in the grass ditch that's in front of our apartment complex. He's in the bottom of the ditch in this picture, and he's loving life.

I loved his smile in this picture.

Brad making the treacherous descent into the ditch. He thought he was so big when he climbed in and out of it. It's a pretty small ditch for all the amusement it offers Brad. I love the little things.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011


We planted red potatoes in our garden this year, and we just finished getting all of them out of the ground. Phillip thinks we got about 40 pounds worth. I was a little disappointed we didn't get more because the guy at the store said we could get up to 80 pounds. Oh well. We have enjoyed them.
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Baby Shower Treat Bag

I made these cookie treat bags for a baby shower I helped decorate. I didn't take my camera to the baby shower, so I don't have pictures of the decorations. I am hoping to get them from another girl, and I will post the pictures as soon as I get them.
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Young Women in Excellence Purses

I am making these easy and fun purses for Young Women in Excellence on November 20th. The purses basically consist of two pieces of scrapbooking paper that have been cut in the shape of a purse. The pieces of paper were glued to small lunch bag paper bags that can be found at craft stores. I am making one for each value color, and we are going to fill the purses with value project ideas for the girls. This purse (yellow) represents Good Works

White represents Faith.

Gold represents Virtue.

Blue represents Divine Nature.

Orange represents Choice and Accountability. I have three more to go, but I wanted to show my progress.
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Fall Decor and Card

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Halloween Decorations

My friend gave me this Halloween banner idea. When I showed it to Phillip after making it, he asked me what the "B" stood for....I didn't realize it wasn't obvious. So for all those who can't tell, the "B" is the first letter in the word BOO. I am sorry that the "O"s aren't more conventional. If it bothers you, you don't have to look at it for very long.

BOO Card

Haunted House Card

Creepy Pumpkin Card

Trick-or-Treat Card

I loved the party favor treat bag idea, so I made quite a few to give away. For now, they are decorating my windowsill. They are really easy to make. If you want details, let me know. You can use the idea for non-Halloween treat bags by switching up the paper.

This is another treat holder idea. The silver piece of paper creates a little pocket which can be filled with things like pixie sticks.

A string of pop up pumpkins to decorate my display cabinet.

Another treat bag idea. I made these for the Halloween party we are going to have for mutual on the 26th of October.

I made this as a decoration for the mutual Halloween party. Some of the ghosts pop out a little, but it is hard to tell in the picture.
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Eating Corn

We grew some corn in our ward garden this year, and Brad loved it. After cooking the corn, we would put it on his plate while it was still hot and tell him to blow on it to let it cool. He likes blowing on his food, but he wasn't very patient with the corn, and he would often pick up the corn while it was still really warm. He wanted to eat the corn so badly, so he would put it up to his mouth and try to take bites until his fingers couldn't stand the warmth anymore. When it became too hot in his hands, he would drop the corn back on his plate then pick it up again and start the process over.

For some reason, this was his favorite method for eating the corn.
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