Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brad in his Halloween costume

Brad and the neighbor kids. Emily is holding Brad in place. She insisted on being a ninja turtle. I'm really not sure why because she isn't really a tomboy. I don't think she cared she was in what a lot of people consider a boy costume. I thought it was kind of funny. Ross is the skeleton, and Gracey is the giraffe. That one I got; Gracey LOVES giraffes.

Brad is a dog if you can't tell. I tried to get him to stand in place by giving him a piece of candy. He loved the candy, but he didn't look at the camera much or hold still for very long.

I had a lot of fun trick-or-treating with Brad. We went with some neighbor friends, and he wanted to run with the older kids to each door. He ran pretty quickly considering his size. By the time he got to the door of each house, most of the older kids were already down the steps and off to the next house. He tried to go into a lot of homes, and he had to be reminded pretty constantly that he was supposed to only take one piece of candy.
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Video of Brad Trick-or-Treating