Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Stella's Baby Blessing

We had such a fun weekend. We appreciate all who were able to make it to Logan for Stella's blessing.

Easter Decor

I got this idea for an Easter/Spring craft from my sister. Styrofoam balls can be really expensive at craft stores, so my sister told me about a cheaper method. I took plastic sacks that you get from the grocery store and bunched them up into a ball that I held together with packing tape . I then quilled and hot glued pink paper to the ball. I thought it turned out cute, but the quilling was probably way more effort than it was worth. I had Phillip drill a hole into an apothecary jar that was the size of the dowel I attached to the ball. Despite his best efforts to avoid my crafts at all costs, Phillip found himself drilling, and gluing for the successful creation of my craft. What a guy.