Friday, July 27, 2012

Todd made it home tonight. 
All the family together. 
Grandma Bea and Todd.
Brad with "Net."
Todd with some of the people that came to the airport to meet him. 

Below, is a picture of Ross and Todd's old Celica.  Ross and Hannah spray painted a welcome sign on it.  The first thing Ross and Todd did when they got home was take a spin in it.  Todd drove, and I think he scared Ross quite a bit. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stella has learned how to sit up over the last few days!  She rolls all over the place to get where she wants, and I think she is on her way to crawling.  We'll see.  She is my smiley girl, but you wouldn't know it from these pictures. 

Brad wanted to get in the pictures too.  Because Stella is now sitting up, she seems more comparable to Brad in terms of size and ability.  It's weird how that happens with each new development.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

     Pioneer Day fun.  I haven't posted lately for two reasons: my batteries in my camera have been dead, and I have been busy.  We had to speak in church last Sunday, and all this week we have been preparing for the Pioneer Day celebrations.  I got roped into doing a float by Grandma Bea (she's pretty persuasive), and we were also asked to run the community 5K.  In addition, the people in charge of the Pioneer Day activities wanted us to create a float for the winners of the 5K.  About midweek I began to feel a little overwhelmed.  Luckily, Phillip's aunts and uncles and Mark and Anne helped a ton with everything. 
     The 5K went really well.  We made chocolate cream Heath Bar pies for the first place winners (we meaning Mark), coconut, Heath Bar, chocolate chip cookies for the second place winners, and we gave Reese's candy bars to the third place winners in each age division.  We also had waters bottles, grapes, and bananas for all finishers of the race. 
     Below are some pictures of the parade and our float.  The theme for the parade was "Pioneer Spirit...Then and Now."  Based on this, the theme for our float was "Growing Generations of Pioneers."  We had Grandma and Grandpa Aagard represented on the float (Phillip's great grandparents).  I painted a genealogy tree on canvas fabric that included all of Grandma and Grandpa Aagard's descendents from one of their daughters (Grandma Bea) and Denny Davidson.  I guess I had the idea that all of Grandma and Grandpa Aagard's descendents are pioneers in their own right as they try to live the gospel in their own special circumstances.  We had a lot of things "growing" on the float to go along with the theme: the tree in the mural, fresh cut barley, and sunflowers.  I was excited about how it turned out.  It was actually pretty fun to put together because I got so much help from everyone.  
      I painted the tree and themes on canvas.  After, I pinned on leaves which had all the names of the descendents. 
      We had Grandma Bea sitting on a bale of hay with a tub and wash board.
     We had Phillip's cousin, James Davidson, stand by the barley in a representation of Grandpa Aagard.
      Isaac and Cara, Phillip's first cousins once removed, held some of the sunflowers and walked behind the float.  They were cute. 

     Anne helped engineer the float for the 5K runners.  I was so grateful she took care of the details for this float, and I thought it turned out really cute.  
      We won!
      Grandma Bea and James in position. 

      Brad doesn't look like he is enjoying the float mania.   Actually, we took this picture right after he was told he couldn't ride on the float with Grandma Bea. 
      Uncle Tom's family did a float as well.  I thought it turned out cute. 
      Brad and Faith (Brad's first cousin once removed).  They are patiently waiting for the floats and candy.
      Below, I have posted pictures of some of the entries. 

 Uncle Matt's family did a float too.  I thought it was clever.  They had pioneer missionaries and modern day missionaries fishing for men.  Then and Now.  I liked it. 

 The REA went all out this year. 

      Brad with his loot. 
     After the parade, program, and dinner, they had a new event at the town park.  Pioneer Town.  Kids could make butter, make rag dolls, spit watermelon seeds, stick pull, quilt, do a pioneer themed cake walk, and much more.  Above, I took a picture of a really cute booth.  At this booth, the kids tried to ring the beehives and flowers with hula hoops.  It was a fun day.  Brad ate a lot of candy and had a fabulous time.  Stella slept through most of it. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

 When we got to St. George, Brad and Phillip were anxious to get in the pool for a late night swim.  Brad was worried an "al-ga-ger" was going to get him.  I think he has been watching too many swamp shows with Diana. 

 We watched the fireworks on the fourth with Uncle Barry's family. 

 First day at the Bundy reunion.

 Brad was excited to see "Ca-boy"

 Brad and Laynee were riding the steers for quite awhile.  Laynee hopped off right when I came to take a picture. 

 Getting ready for the skeet shoot.

 Brad was dead last in the races this year.  He wasn't sure what was going on, so he slowly walked the length of the race. 

 Abby made it out on Saturday.  Andee was only four days old at the time.  Gotta love the dedication. 

 Andee was the star of the reunion on Saturday.  For good reason. 

 Two tired babies :)

We had a great time at the reunion.