Saturday, December 15, 2012

 We let Brad have some popcorn tonight.  I set the popcorn on the floor for Brad, and before I had turned around, Stella made it over to the bowl and was grabbing as fast as she could. 
Stella liked to grab big handfuls, and whenever she did, Brad told her that she needed to eat one at a time. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

 We are leaving to go to St. George for Christmas this Sunday, and I didn't want to haul a lot of wrapped gifts down there.  Consequently, we opened the gifts we received from parents and grandparents in Burlington.  We got a lot of nice stuff.  Thanks!  I received these cupcake liners from Anne and Mark.  I thought they were so pretty, so we decided to use them last night.  We had one of Phillip's home teaching families over for Family Home Evening, and they loved the cupcakes.
Brad thought they were pretty good too.  He's licking his lips as he's thinking about eating them.  I saw a really good frosting idea on Pinterest that I tried out with these cupcakes.  I took two small packets of Jello pudding, added half the amount of milk called for, and then folded in one eight ounce container of whipped topping.  The frosting set up nicely, tasted delicious, and is a lot healthier than the butter, powdered sugar, and shortening varieties.  Thanks Aunt Margie. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

 Ross, Hannah, and Janet came to Laramie for the weekend.  Ross had an interview at UW for pharmacy school.  We are really hoping he gets in because we would love to have them living here in Laramie.  Janet came along for the ride.  We made gingerbread cookies while they were down. 
 Some of our more favorite creations.  The top left is Janet because she has lots of pizazz. Next is Hannah because of her bangs and the pattern on her shirt.  Next is Phillip because he has a jersey that says STEWART on it, he likes Nike Shox, and he is sporting some facial hair.  Next is Ross because his jersey number has always been four.  On the bottom left we have Alanna because she has a "modern" picture of a horse on her shirt.  Next is Stella; that is a headband on her head in case you're not sure.  Next is Brad because he was wearing a striped shirt when we made the cookies.  And last is me because of the long hair. 
Here are some of the other gingerbread men.  We took these to our ward's Christmas party.  My favorite is the balding man on the bottom row made by Janet.

 Here are some pictures of Brad on our rocking horse in front of our Christmas tree.  This picture is a family tradition. 
 This face reminds me of Todd.  When I showed Phillip the picture, he agreed, but Brad said the following: "That's Bradford, not Toddy."

Monday, December 3, 2012

 As I was going through some of my recent photos, I realized I haven't been taking very many pictures of Stella.  Stella is 10 months old.  She has four little teeth, and I think she will be walking soon.  For the most part, she is a very smiley baby.  Phillip and I will just look at her and she'll favor us with a big grin. 
 We love her big blue eyes and her long red eyelashes. 

 I am having a hard time keeping her off the stairs.  She is a real climber. 

 Pausing for a little deep thinking. 

We love Stella. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Here's our tree.  We haven't had too many problems with the kids messing with the ornaments...yet.  I think it looks better in person; I haven't been able to get a good picture of it for some reason. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

 Our stockings are "all hung in a row" around our place.  Thanks to Aunt Margie's hard work.  I haven't been able to take a decent picture of our tree yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to post one soon. 
I have all our Christmas books in a little tote beside one of our rocking chairs.  I found Brad on the stairs lining them up.