Friday, February 22, 2013

 We finally started "F" is for fish today.  I made some fish finger puppets and a magnetic fishing pole for Brad.  He loved fishing.  I attached an activity word strip to each puppet and we did different activities depending on what Brad caught. 

 We did fish songs, rhymes, and books with the finger puppets, a fish matching game, fish flashcards, fish sequencing of events, a fishing game, etc. 

 Brad loves matching games. 

We read The Rainbow Fish and made this fish out of a balloon.
 Last night we went to Phillip's last basketball game.  The kids were excited to go, and they were pretty good. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

I have really been feeling the urge to plant something.  I know.  It's only February.  I also want to give Brad more jobs to do around the house that will give a little responsibility but also be somewhat interesting.  He helped me plant these herbs, and I am going to have him mist them with a spray bottle every day.  Hopefully he will have fun watching them sprout.  I know I will. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

 We had a nice Valentine's Day.  It was filled with treat making and treat delivery.  Brad was so excited about everything. 
 I have been excited to give this remote control helicopter to Phillip.  When Lyndy told me about the helicopters she gave Travis for his birthday, I knew I wanted to give Phillip one for Valentine's Day.  Last night we went to the church gym so Phillip could have a lot of room to get the hang of flying it.  He had a great time figuring out everything the helicopter can do.  And the kids loved watching it.  Stella didn't move for about ten minutes as she stood and watched Phillip fly the helicopter.  Brad, on the other hand, would chase it and run away from it. 

 Per Lyndy's instructions, I ordered the helicopter on, and the helicopter was only eighteen dollars!  Phillip couldn't believe the helicopter was so cheap given all that it can do. 

Brad and Stella played with the jump rope while we waited for the helicopter to recharge. 
My freesia bulbs FINALLY started blooming.  The color is so fun, and we have enjoyed watching the flower bloom.  And the smell is wonderful.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 Phillip decided to make a Valentine's Day card on a slow Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago.  He didn't tell me what he was doing.  He just requested my cooperation.  He had all of us sit on the couch as he filmed us doing tasks according to his instructions.  He looked at each frame after he had filmed everything and created this card. 

When Phillip sent the card to the grandparents, he cut a slit so that a piece of gum popped out of Stella's heart, and he taped a tiny stone inside my heart.  Cute.  He was so proud of his card, so I figured I'd post it. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

 I made these tissue paper flowers for an object lesson in our primary class.  I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of Stella with the flower since she was wearing yellow. 
 She is getting distracted by her dad in this picture. 
 Here she's wondering if she's done yet.
Stella is about to get into my box of gift bags in this picture.  This is her guilty/I'm trying not to look guilty face. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

 We did a science experiment yesterday.  I saw this idea online, and I thought Brad would like to see what color will result from the combination of yellow and blue.  He predicted the water in the third cup would turn brown. 
 I tried to explain the capillary effect to Brad as the water and dye moved up the paper towel and into the other cup.  I think the only thing he really understood for sure was that the water was going to change color.
 Unfortunately, not much happened until after we put Brad to bed.  The process was really slow, so I added more water to the yellow and blue cups.  Things started to happen a lot quicker after I did that.  Too bad Brad wasn't awake to watch it. 
We showed him the cups this morning, and he was pretty amazed. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

 Stella received a birthday card a few days ago from Uncle Ross and Aunt Hannah.  Here she is reading it.  After she read the card, she tried to eat it.  
 Stella turned ONE today, and we decided to take some pictures. 
 Gotta love Phillip's faces. 
 Brad wanted a turn. 

 Here's the table layout. 
 I saw these mini cupcake stands on Pinterest, and I really wanted to make them.

I used a Wilton 1M tip to make the rosettes on Stella's cake.  I definitely need more practice.  It was hard.

 Alanna came to celebrate.  We were sorry, especially Brad, that Hanna couldn't make it; she was at drill practice. 
 Stella opening some of her gifts. 

 Stella opening her present from Grandma and Grandpa Bundy. 
 Thomas made it to the party as well.  His kids were with their mom.  We were sad they couldn't make it. 
 Stella opening her presents from Aunt Margie. 

 Brad was always right there willing to help unwrap gifts. 
 Stella opening her present from Grandma and Grandpa Davidson. 

 Stella blew out her candle with a lot of help from Dad. 

 We went to the church gym after the party to work off the cake and ice cream we'd eaten. 

 I think the birthday girl had a nice day.