Friday, May 31, 2013

 We celebrated Brad's third birthday yesterday.  He has was so excited.  We invited some little friends over on Thursday morning at 11 am.  Phillip and I started setting up some of the party on Wednesday night after Scouts.  I started throwing up at around 8:30 pm.  I think I had the twenty-four hour flu.  I haven't thrown up so much in a very very long time.  Needless to say, I was very worried about my ability to pull off the birthday party for Bradford.  With a lot of prayers and Phillip's help, we made it through. 

 I did a rainbow cake for Brad.  It had seven mini layers of blue, red, yellow, and green.  I asked Brad if he liked it, and he told me that he kind of liked it but not too much.  The sprinkles made it okay.  Gotta love the honesty.
 Some party favors I had the kids take home. 
More party favors. 

 As I was sitting on the couch trying to lay low and get feeling better, I really felt like everything we had done for the party prep was worth it.  Brad and his friends were beyond giddy as they were playing with the balloons.  It was fun to see the excitement and pure joy on their faces. 

 I put Starbursts in some of the balloons and had the kids try to pop the balloons to get out the candy.  It was pretty funny watching them.  One little boy discovered that if he hit his balloon really quickly against the ground, the balloon popped in no time.  All the kids adopted his method. 
 I got a pump and an instruction kit for making balloon animals.  My skills were by no means proficient by the time of the party, but I was able to make something that looked like a dog for each of the kids. 
 Thomas, Phillip's cousin, came to the party with his little girl.  He made balloon hats for the kids.  When the kids were having balloon wars, I'm afraid Thomas wasn't spared in the fight.  The kids attacked him relentlessly. 
 Most of the kids wanted to undo their dogs so they could have swords.  Why didn't I think of that?  It would have saved me some trouble :)
 The kids were so cute about the gifts they gave Brad.  They wanted to help him open the gifts they gave him because they were so excited about them.  One little boy kept reminding all the kids that the gifts were for Brad.

 This was Brad's expression when everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him. 

 I was so glad all the kids fit around Brad's little table. 

 Last night, Bradford opened some gifts from us and from Grandma and Grandpa Bundy.  We will be in Burlington on Brad's actual birthday, so we decided to open some gifts early to save on space in our vehicle. 

Brad got a lot of nice things, and he is so excited to play with everything.  Last night, he wanted all of it out all at once.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Bundy.  

Monday, May 27, 2013


Brad has been building Magna-Tile towers a lot lately.  I think he forgot for awhile everything he could do with them, and it is almost as if he has discovered a new toy.

We started "Gg" is for garden a couple of days ago.  I didn't have everything ready for it, but I figured it had been so long since I had introduced a new letter, that I needed to get going.  Brad had fun with it. 
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Monday, May 20, 2013

 Bradford made a pretty cool tower with his Magna-Tiles today.

 He was quite proud of it.
 Stella has loved looking at books lately, and she sits on my lap pretty well when I read to her.
 This is the only picture I got of her looking at the camera.  No smile, but I took what I could get. 

Below, Stella loves riding the rocking horse Grandpa Bundy made.  She will ride it for several minutes at a time while she looks out the window and points to the horses in the nearby field.