Sunday, June 30, 2013

 Yesterday, we went to the splash pad for the first time.  The kids got a kick out of it all. 

Brad LOVED the gun.  He could rotate it all around and aim it at people.  He was laughing hysterically as he sprayed people who walked or ran by him. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

 Yesterday, I helped a friend of mine in our ward with her wedding.  I visit teach Andrea, and Phillip home teaches the whole family.  Andrea and Jason have been together for five years, and they finally decided to tie the knot.  The event was pretty low key with very few guests.  I lent her my red balls and some glassware for the wedding.
 Most of the people in attendance were kids.  I had to take a picture of these boys.  They were directed to help in any way possible.  I thought they could be of good use placing petals on the tables.  They were definitely overzealous in their work.  I had to laugh at how carefully they were arranging the petals. 
 Because of the number of kids, Andrea decided to do cupcakes except for the small cake at the top which she and Jason cut into. 

 Andrea is such a nice lady. 
 The kiddos getting ready to eat.  Phillip was very excited about the food.  They had pulled pork, chicken, brats, hamburgers, and hotdogs.  He didn't care about anything but the meat (they also had some really good potato, pasta, and regular salads).

Monday, June 24, 2013

 Stella has officially taken over the trike.  She can't do much more than sit on it and put stuff in the little compartment in the back, but I think she enjoys her sense of ownership. 
 Brad got this bike from Grandma Bea when we were up in Burlington.  She paid three bucks for it at a yard sale.  It had flat tires when she gave it to us, but we just pumped up the tires, and it was good to go.  I think it's really in pretty great condition for the price she paid. 
 Stella rarely looks at the camera when I try to take a picture. 
 She gets bored with the trike pretty easily, and she finds other things to do with herself. 
 Like lounging on the grass.  She does this a lot when we're outside.  She tries to lay all the way down, but the grass irritates her neck.  You would think she'd stop trying to lay down, but no.  She goes from resting on her hands, to her elbows, to her back.  When she is on her back, she immediately gets irritated with the grass and sits up to start the whole process over again. 

Brad wanted to ride his bike all the way to the park today.  I think he probably biked about 1.5 miles total.  He was tired but did a good job. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

 To celebrate the first official day of summer, a friend of mine in our ward invited a bunch of kids over to play in the sprinklers and do a slip-n-slide. 
 Stella wasn't too sure about all the water splashing into her face. 
 After some time near the water, Stella decided she wanted to sit over by me where the snacks were.  They kept her occupied for quite some time. 

Brad was giddy on the trampoline.

Monday, June 17, 2013

 The kids and I had a great Father's Day with Phillip.
Stella was whining and in tears until she got a piece of the cheesecake on her plate. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

 We set up the pool today.  The kids had a lot of fun splashing around in it. 

Phillip picked me some wild iris from the fields he irrigates for the city.  I had no idea iris grew in the wild until quite recently; there was a lot of it down in Colorado, and I have noticed a bunch here in Laramie since we have been home.  My geraniums have been blooming like crazy.  I picked some that were about to go to make room for more that are on their way.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

 The kids and I went to Colorado with Anne to visit Anne's mom.  On the way down there, we stopped at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  It was pretty neat and a nice way to stretch our legs for a bit. 
 The kids loved playing the piano down there.
 Brad liked to read stories with Anne's mom. 
We went to the park a couple of times while we were there.  I should have taken more pictures.  It was nice to go on a little trip. I think the kids had a really good time. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

 Stella has a new hairstyle.  Her hair is finally long enough to pull back a little. 

 Also, Bradford and Stella are going to have a new sibling.  For those of you who know your way around ultrasound pics, you can probably tell we are having another boy. 
In the very center of the picture is the baby's head.  You can see his forehead, top of his head, one eye, cheekbone, and a little of his nose. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

 We traveled up to Burlington for a quick trip this weekend; Madison, Ross and Hannah's new baby, was blessed on Sunday.  The kids loved playing out in the yard. 

 Saturday was free fishing day in Wyoming, and Phillip wanted to take advantage of it. 
 Brad was happy with the little fishing pole he got to use. 

 Brad caught two fish!  He was thrilled with them. 
 Here's Madison and Hannah before the blessing. 
 We took some family photos after church.  Madison was really hungry at this point, so she wasn't loving the situation. 

 Grandma Davidson made a cheesecake for Brad's birthday.  We sang to him, and he got to blow out more candles. 

 Brad got some nice toys from Grandma and Grandpa Davidson. 
I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was nice to see everyone.