Monday, March 31, 2014

 Stella has really started to learn a lot lately, and she seems to enjoy learning so much.  I think she watches Bradford and wants to be like him.  Lately, she has been obsessed with the alphabet.  She ALWAYS points to the letter "Hh" when I read her books and says "H for Hannah!"  She also can point out "Ss" for Stella, "Bb" for Bradford and Bronson, "Rr" for Ross, "Tt" for Todd, "Dd" for Dad and Diana, "Aa" for Abby, etc.  She needs a little prompting to find "Gg" for grandma and grandpa, "Mm" for Mattie, Madison, Mckinley and Mom, "Ll" for Laynee and Lyndy, "Kk" for Katie, "Cc" for Clayboy, "Jj" for Janet, "Ww" for Wesley, etc.  But she can find them with a little help.  We have been working on color identification lately, and we use the pictured mosaic tiles, ice cream cones, and linking shapes to do that. 
Brad was very proud of this picture he drew.  According to Bradford:  This is a picture of Brad in a house.  There is smoke coming out of the chimney, and the house is on top of the earth we live on (hence the tiny ball below the house). To the left of the house, is a plant because Mom likes plant.  On the right side of the house is a shovel and flowers.  The shovel is to dig up all the dirt in the whole world.  The creation in the sky next to the sun was originally "something kind of crazy," but it developed into an upside down temple that was crashing to the earth.  Bradford finished it off by putting his name at the top so "Mom won't throw it away."  Yes, I throw his art work away after a few days, and Bradford always goes trash digging to retrieve it.  I'm terrible, I know. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bronson has gotten a lot better at sitting in his Bumbo.  He sits in his Bumbo to eat and enjoys watching what is going on in the room while he sits. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

 Stella has started to build with Magna Tiles.  Until recently, she had always stacked the magnetic shapes on top of one another without actually building anything with them.  It was pretty funny to watch her concentrate as she built her "house."

 As she built her house taller and taller, she kept saying "Whoa Mom, whoa Mom, whoa Mom."

She was very pleased with herself when the house grew taller than her. 
 Stella has really enjoyed getting into my necklaces lately.  A while back, I wore a pearl necklace with my outfit; Stella decided she wanted to wear one too. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

 This last weekend, we went to the birthday party of a little girl in our complex.  Her dad is in pharmacy school with Ross.  They are from Ethiopia. 
 She looked so adorable in her little outfit. 
 Stella just wanted her treats. 

 Clay, my sister's son, sent us a visitor for a couple of weeks.  We enjoyed having Flat Stanley visit us.  We were able to explore our city a little bit more during his stay. 
 We went to the geological museum on UW's campus.

 We also went to the William's Conservatory on UW's campus. 
 It was cool to see this banana tree blooming. 

 We took Flat Stanley to Chick Days at Murdoch's. 

 Flat Stanley also got to visit Bradford's preschool.  The kids there were so excited to serve Stanley some food at their pretend play restaurant.

 We also went to see the train tracks. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The kids and I have been hanging out lately.  Bradford is enjoying spring break.  We are missing Dad; he is in SG right now for an interview. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

 Last weekend, we went to Diana's basketball tournament.  The kids were really excited to see Diana play. 
We got to the Events Center 45 minutes early on the first day.  We just couldn't wait to begin our weekend of basketball.  
 The kids were excited to see Grandma Davidson. 
 Brad and Stella had a good time harassing Diana and Todd.  Brad was Todd's little friend on this trip.  Bradford kept telling Phillip that Todd was his number one best friend.  He literally would not leave Todd alone...which was kind of funny since Todd seems to like being left alone. 

 We took advantage of the swimming pool in our hotel.  The kids were so excited to go swimming.  Stella is our little daredevil.  She jumped into the pool to our outstretched hands right away.  It was only after Bradford saw Stella doing it that he even considered jumping into the pool. 
 Madison got a cute little suit for the occasion.  She seemed to like the water. 
 As did Bronson. 

 The kids were exhausted by Saturday. 
Diana's team won their last game and finished third in the state.  They beat the team that took first in their region, so that must have felt good. The Burlington boys won the championship which was fun to see.