Friday, May 30, 2014

Stella is definitely an independent little girl.  Lately, she has been insisting she dress herself.  She will take clothes out of my hands when I am trying to get her dressed and say the following: "No.  I will do it my own self."  She is pretty persistent also.  Even if she is having a hard time, she doesn't give up.  I took a picture of her after she put on her pajamas.  The shirt is on backward, but I figured it was okay since she was going to bed. 

Another Stella-ism:  Lately, Stella has been saying things like the following:  "Mom....guess what?  I love (blank)."  She has mentioned just about everyone she knows including various objects around the house.  She also says it when she is eating something she likes or doing an activity she likes.  She is a cheesy girl and a bit of a stinker, but we love her.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

 We went to Curt Gowdy for Family Home Evening last night.  We had never been there before, but our friend and neighbor, Vicki, asked us if we wanted to go.  I am sad we didn't know about this spot sooner because it was quite pretty, and there was a lot for the kids to explore. 
 The kids love Vicki.  She is the nicest lady.  Just so neat in a lot of ways. 
 I liked this shot.  If you look closely, you can see Phillip fishing where the rocks meet the water in the middle of the picture. 
 The mighty fisher didn't get anything this trip. 
 Stella ate a lot of raisins.

Earlier today, Bradford found this stick.  He told me he was going to save it to show to Grandpa Bundy since it looks like a pretend antler.  I think Grandpa Bundy would say it is lacking in mass.   

Monday, May 26, 2014

 On Saturday, Bradford and Stella were invited to Harel's birthday party.  Harel was in Brad's preschool class, and he is a pretty funny little kid.  Stella was invited to the party too because Harel's family LOVED Stella.  They would always comment about her hair and her clothes and her personality when we dropped off and picked up Bradford from preschool.  She was quite popular with everyone in Harel's family whatever reason. 
 They had a jumping house, and it was quite popular.  They also had A LOT of authentic Mexican food, and it was very good. 
 Bradford really enjoyed the pinata. 
It was quite the party.  I think Bradford was a little overwhelmed by it all, but he loved it. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bronson is sitting up by himself these days.  He still isn't rolling over, but I keep thinking he is getting pretty close.  When the kids and I were eating lunch today, Bradford and Stella started shaking their heads back and forth really quickly and laughing really loudly.  Bronson just watched them and giggled.  He also tried to shake his head the way they were doing it.  The kids loved that Bronson was laughing at them and trying to mimic them.  It is fun to see Bronson's personality developing. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

 We tried a new hair style. 

 The verdict:  cute, but I'm not sure it's cute enough to justify the time it took (10 minutes as opposed to the regular 1-2 minutes it usually takes to do Stella's hair. 
 It was a nice day on Saturday, so we took the kids fishing and went for a long walk along the river.  Bradford was very excited about the sunflower seeds Phillip got for the trip. 
 Checking things out. 

 Cheesy smiles. 

 The kids found stick horses.  We brought them home because they were too fun to leave behind. 
Bronson decided to join in on the fun after he finished his nap.  It was so nice to get out for a bit. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

 Growing up, I thought Mother's Day was a nice holiday.  I love my Mom.  As a Mother and wife, I really wish they would do away with it.  That said, I did find this Mother's Day quite amusing.  Bradford made this cute Mother's Day gift for me at preschool.  When I asked him about his present, he asked me what "he" had said.  He thought he might have said something about the dishes.  When I read the note to him, he said "Oh yes, Oh yes!  Mrs. W gave me that hint."  That cracked me up.  
 We got about 5.5 inches of snow on Mother's Day.  That also made me laugh...before I started sobbing hysterically.  Not really.
 On Saturday, Phillip drove me to the local greenhouse to pick out my Mother's Day gift.  I chose a few plants and put them together in the big pot shown.  I thought that was nice of Phillip.  I can't wait for them to fill in and spill over the pot. 
Bradford has a few plants growing in the window above the kitchen sink.  Yesterday morning, as he looked out at all of the snow, he turned to us and said the following:  "Sad news.  My plants aren't going to make it."  When we asked him why, he said they wouldn't make it because they were surrounded by snow (the snow was sticking to the window screens, so I could understand his concern).  I thought he understood the concept of inside and outside, but I guess all of the snow threw him for a loop.

Yesterday at church, the primary presidency had the kids write things they would do for their moms on little coupons.  Bradford's coupons promised singing, picking up toys, being nice, and sweeping the floor.  After lunch today, the floor was a mess.  I told Brad I was going to redeem my floor sweeping coupon.  He seemed shocked and amazed that I was actually using his gift.  Needless to say, he wasn't thrilled (apparently, sweeping the floor is only fun when there isn't any dirt on the ground and the broom is in the air more than it is on the floor).  I am fairly certain that all future coupons, if there are to be any, will be more of the singing variety. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 Friday was Ross' birthday, so we had him come over for dinner and cupcakes since Hannah and Madison were up in Burlington.  Bradford celebrated his birthday on Friday at preschool because he will not be in school on his actual birthday.  Pretend and actual birthdays have Bradford pretty confused right now.  We had some leftover cupcakes from Brad's pretend school celebration that we used for Ross' real birthday.  Confusing, I know. 

 Stella was rocking a green 'stache.
 Madison turned one today, so we went over to Ross and Hannah's again for more birthday partying.  A neighbor picked up this giant bear for Madison for her birthday.  It was the hit of the party with the kiddos. 
 The party had a Mexican/fiesta theme, and I really liked how this sign turned out that Hannah made.  It took her a lot of time to make.  I know it is weird that I am posting pictures of decorations from another person's party, but I figure that Hannah put a lot of time into the party, so as many people as possible should see it :)

 I loved that the clothespins matched. 
 Bradford was very excited to be at the party. 
 Hannah made the cake stands.  I liked how they turned out. 
 Loved the napkins and straws.  Ross and Hannah served pork nachos, and everything was delicious. 
The cute birthday girl.  Happy birthday Madison. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bronson had his six month appointment today.  He has changed a lot over the past six months.  He has also grown A LOT!  Today, he was in the 85 percentile for his weight (19 lbs 10 oz), the 95 percentile for his head circumference (45.9 cm), and off the charts again for his length (29.1 in).  He has started to eat some solids and is doing okay with them.  He is our ever happy baby.  Today he had to get a prescription strength medication for his eczema, and I am hoping that helps his skin.  The above picture is a classic pose Bronson strikes right after he gets a bottle.  The hand goes up to the forehead as if to say "PHEW!  They finally realized I needed another bottle."