Friday, August 29, 2014

 Bronson was really trying to move around a lot while we were down in St. George. 
 We went to the Children's Museum on Wednesday.  I had heard a lot about it.  So it was neat to see. 

 We also went down off the hill to see the chickens and horses.  The kids were excited to find one egg each.  They also liked seeing the horses. 

One of my most favorite spots.  Thanks for all the fun Mom. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

 I am in St. George right now and loving life.  I had only seen my side of the family once since last December, so I decided I needed to make another trip before Bradford starts preschool.  We have done so many fun things.  My mom took us to a place called The Garden.  It features plantings that do well in southern Utah and educates the public about what works and doesn't work.  It was gorgeous.  

 This picture isn't very clear, but it is just part of the landscaping featured outside a store in St. George.  Every time I go down to St. George, I am so impressed by how well stuff is taken care of by the city, business owners, and the general public.  I wish there was a little more of that going on in Wyoming.  
 I am sad these pictures aren't clearer.  Traxton and Boston, Brad and Stella's second cousins, came over to play.  They are the cutest funniest boys. 
 These are their "mean faces."
 We went to the splash pad and waterfall river in downtown St. George.  The kids loved this. 

 I am sad this picture is blurry because I thought it was so cute of Mckinley and Bronson.  We went up to Clay's birthday party on Sunday night. 
 Blowing out candles on the cake. 
 Dad and Bronson. 
 The kids and I stayed with Katie for two days.  Brad and Stella loved playing with cousins.  On Tuesday morning, we went over to see Aunt Margie.  The kids were in love with these jeeps.  Thanks for all the fun Aunt Margie; I'm glad nothing was broken :)
 Do you think they are having fun?
 The kids have been climbing trees since we came back to my mom and dad's house. 
 It rained and rained last night.  St. George received over an inch of rain in one hour.  That's a lot for here. 
Mandy came over to visit and brought their new puppy.  Brad is obsessed with this thing.  It is so cute. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chocolate Milk Tea Party

 Stella, Bronson, and I have been by ourselves for the past few days.  Phillip and Bradford made a quick trip up to Burlington to pick up the van we bought from Anne.  My close cousin got married in St. George over the weekend, and I was pretty sad I couldn't make it.  Stella and I decided to have our own party.  We had a chocolate milk tea party.  I cannot even express how excited Stella was about this. 
 She LOVED pouring the chocolate milk into her little cup. 
 She looks very dainty and ladylike in this picture, but don't be fooled.  After each sip, she made the aggghhhhh sound, but it had more of a growl to it.  This rather unladylike sound would have more closely fit a tavern than the tea party feel we were going for. 
I didn't know having a tea party would be so much fun for Stella.  I feel bad we haven't done it sooner.  The look in her eyes says it all. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bradford and Stella were given Popsicles from a neighbor the other day.  Bronson was sitting on the grass near our back patio as the kids were eating them.  The kids came and sat by Bronson, and he started reaching out his hands to try to snag both Stella's and Bradford's.  You can see the mischievous look on Bronson's face as Bradford holds his hand so he won't get it.   

Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Patio Garden

 I like taking pictures of my flowers when they are in full bloom.  I tried a lot of new things for my patio garden this year; some things I liked, and others I won't try again.  The planter shown above was one of my mistakes.  I like how it looks from this angle, but the back view isn't as nice.  I planted too many plants in the pot, and when the pot is alone, it looks squat and a little strange.  I also decided to go with pink for my main color scheme.  Except for the geraniums, I don't think the flowers I chose turned out to be the pink color I was going for.   
 I love bacopa.  I experimented with it last year and liked the effect, so I decided to incorporate it again.  It is the trailing plant with the little white flowers.  I unexpectedly added orange to my color scheme.  I liked the color, but I wouldn't combine it with the pink again. 
 I couldn't resist this little gem of a plant on one of my many excursions to the local greenhouse.  It is called a Bolivian Jew, and I love its mounding trailing habit.  It has grown a ton since I bought it.  I just love it. 

 I think this turned out to be one of my favorite planters.  It has dracena, millet, sweet potato vine, creeping wire vine, and pink geraniums in the mix.  I have decided I like combinations of green with a little mix of color. 
 I am really loving succulents these days.  If we end up moving to the desert in California, they could prove to be my best option.  This is called mezoo.  It has grown really well, and it surprised me by producing tiny red blooms.  I can't decide if I like the blooms. 
 For the two planters in the back, I did pink verbena and trailing black-eyed susans (the plant with the orange blossoms).  I will not do either of these plants again.  I liked the trailing look of the black-eyed susans, but I didn't like the verbena.  That is a plant I will never plant again.  Some blooms fade more gracefully than others, and the verbena looked horrible as the blooms died. 
 I love, love, love this succulent.  I can't remember the name of it right now, but it is a relative of jade. 
 My jasmine smells heavenly right now.  I was worried I might lose the plant over the winter when we were gone during Christmas break.  We were gone longer than I expected, and it was one thirsty plant when we got home.  Some of it died out, but it has come back nicely. 
 This was another experiment I ended up loving.  It is called creeping wire vine.  I saw it in a planter online, and I think it is so cute. 
 On the right side of the big planter in the middle is a boxwood.  I am trying to make gumdrop shaped boxwood planters.  They have been a little slower growing than I would have liked, but I am determined to keep them going.  They have really started to grow in the last couple of weeks. 
This is my big shade pot in our front entryway  I love begonias.  I did fibrous as well as tuberous this year.  The millet was new this year, and so was the emerald falls dichondra.  I like the dichondra quite a bit, but I was hoping it would have spilled over the pot more by now.  I am not sure about the millet.  It was a little messy, and I had to keep propping it up in my pot in the back because it continually flopped over in the wind.  I have learned a lot this year with my plants, and it has been fun.   

Friday, August 1, 2014

 Bronson is 9 months old today.  He is 31 3/4 inches tall (well above the 97th percentile), 21 lbs 4 oz (65th percentile), and his head circumference is 47.8 cm (97th percentile).  I am used to seeing his weight in the 85th-95th percentiles, so that was a change, and his head circumference is usually in the 90th percentile, so there was a small change there too.  I just went through Bradford's old clothes in search of some hand-me-downs for Bronson.  The outfit pictured above is a 2T, and it doesn't seem that large on him.  He is getting big so quickly. 
When we were in Burlington last weekend, the town celebrated Pioneer Day.  The Church sponsored quite a few fun activities.  They set up a little pioneer town where people could purchase items with "pioneer pennies."  I got this headband for Stella.  I like it because it is the elastic kind that stretches all the way around her head like the thin sports bands people wear to keep their hair out of the face.  The little flowers were individually sewn right onto the band.  Stella has kept it on better than most headbands.  I think these would be really easy to replicate.