Friday, January 30, 2015

Birthday Girl

 Another year older.  Here Phillip is being...Phillip.  Phillip didn't want candle wax getting in his, I mean my, fruit tart cake, so he put a candle for me to blow out in a brownie. 
 Brad wanted Aunt Hannah to take all sorts of pictures of him and the other kids.  Here, "D" is for Davidson. 

Opening presents.  I got a lot of wonderful gifts.  Thanks everyone!  
Bronson being cheesy. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

The need to post...

 I have been feeling the need to post but haven't had anything to post about, so I decided to make up content.  All of us have been sick for the last few weeks with colds/sinus infections, etc.  Consequently, we have been hanging around the house quite a bit as we have tried to get feeling better. 
 Bradford made this octahedron sphere all by himself.  I was surprised when he brought it to me all finished without asking for any help. 
Stella likes building with the Magformers.  You can see she hasn't quite recovered from her sinus infection as her right eye is a little swollen and red still. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Break 2014

 We had a nice Christmas break.  On Christmas morning, Phillip wrapped up a HUGE box we had lying around the house.  He stuck it outside the kids' room then got inside it.  I went into their room when I heard the kids stirring and wished them a Merry Christmas.  Per Phillip's instructions, I told the kids that Phillip had a present he wanted them to open before they went downstairs to see the rest of their gifts.  The kids were excited about the huge box and started unwrapping it.  Phillip popped out of the box and yelled to scare them.  Brad was pretty startled, but Stella was still half asleep, so her reaction wasn't as fun to watch.  I don't know about Phillip and his ideas.  The kids got a lot of really nice gifts from everyone.  Thank you.  Above, is what Stella saw when she came downstairs on Christmas morning. 
 This is what Bradford found. 
 And here is some of Bronson's loot. 
 Stella was so excited to get a shopping cart.  Prior to Christmas, Stella would look at the gifts under the Christmas tree and ask me which one I thought had a shopping cart in it.  She pointed to boxes that were about three sizes too small and told me that THAT present must be "the one" with the shopping cart in it.  Stella put every gift she received in her shopping cart.  By the end of the morning, her cart was stacked high with all of her gifts plus a few others :)  Her pants were hanging over the cart, and she looked like a hobo carrying all her worldly possessions in a "borrowed" shopping cart.
 Bradford loves being the king. 
 Here is a bouncy horse/donkey? Stella got from Grandma.  Bronson has enjoyed sharing this toy with Stella.  When Stella opened it up, Brad asked me if there were two.  I told him there was just one and he looked a little sad.  Stella told him not to worry because she would share it.  The kids really were sweet with one another when they opened their gifts.  They were nice about waiting to open gifts until it was their turn, and they all promised to share with everyone else any neat toy they got.
 Stella bounces all over the house on this thing.  Bradford got some bells for Christmas, and they fit perfectly on the donkey's tail.  It gets loud and fun around here at times. 
 Bronson loves balls. 
 Stella has been in heaven with her shopping cart and toy food. 
 Fun with Lincoln Logs and car mats. 
 Bronson also likes to stroll around with Stella's shopping cart.  She has tried to be a good sharer, but she does get a little irritated when Bronson takes over the cart.  Bronson started walking mid December.  I am thankful.  Stella started walking at eleven months, and Brad started walking a week before his first birthday.  I wasn't exactly thrilled Bronson waited until 13.5 months to start walking as he isn't exactly a light little thing.  He still crawls around a bit, but I am so thankful he is making the transition. 
 The kids have really enjoyed reading the fun books they got for Christmas. 
 Stella's Magformer "turtle."  It actually really did look like a turtle until she added extra legs and so forth. 
 An alien?  The kids have really enjoyed their Bilibos.  They have used them to spin around in on the floor, as sleds, as stepping stones in perilous rivers, as bathtubs for their stuffed animals, etc. 
 Last week the temperatures dipped REALLY low.  It was -30 one morning when Phillip went out to start the suburban.  That same day, the kids huddled around the electric heater to stay warmer.  As you can see, it was still only 63 degrees in our living room with the electric heater added to the mix.    
 Brad's alphabet floor puzzle "creation."
 The kids did most of the cooking the other night. 
 Lately, Brad loves making symmetrical "creations" with the squigz. 
We got Bradford these Reptangles for Christmas.  They are basically little turtles that snap together.  Two turtles can snap together in 100 different ways.  The geometric possibilities are quite amazing.  We have made truncated octahedron and other sphere like structures that are pretty neat.  The kids like fiddling with them.  Stella has surprised me with her interest in them.  I have a feeling my sister, Katie, would like them as well :)

Due to the weather, we spent a lot of our vacation inside.  Bradford and Bronson both got a touch of the flu over the break, and we missed my niece's baptism.  I feel really kind of horrible about that.  However, our immediate family was able to spend a lot of quality time together, so that was good.  Stella and Bradford had a  hard time getting along at the beginning of the break.  I am happy to say all of us became kinder and more patient with one another as the break continued instead of the reverse.  I have really been praying that we'll all get along, and I feel like my prayers have been answered.