Monday, February 23, 2015


I had big plans for Valentine's Day.  We were going to send out cards, make treats for neighbors, etc.  With all the sickness we experienced the week before Valentine's Day, it just didn't happen.  Fortunately, I made these little Valentine's for Bradford's preschool class before our health went down the drain.  He was pretty excited to give them out to his friends. 

Monday, February 16, 2015


 Last week was extremely hectic for our family.  Bronson had his 15 month appointment last Monday, and he ended up getting sent to the hospital.  He had pneumonia, an ear infection, and they diagnosed him with reactive airway disease.  He had to stay in the hospital two nights.  In addition to all that, I got sick with flu-like symptoms on Tuesday, and I am just starting to feel a little better.   Due to Bronson's sickness, Phillip missed an interview and a career fair he was hoping to go to, but I am so glad he was here because he really helped out around the house so much. 
Bronson really liked having his siblings come visit him in the hospital. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

miss stella's tea party birthday

 Happy birthday to Stella!  We had "tea"!  Enjoy the feast of pictures.  I have several pictures of the setup before the majority of the food was on the table.  This is one of the many. 
 Each girl had a place holder. 
 I had extra flowers after making the flower arrangements, so each little girl got a bouquet of baby's breath to hold throughout the party. 
 Loved this but the cookies tasted nasty.  Oh well. 

 Stella's cake.  This was WAY easy to make.  Loved that about it.  I thought it tasted pretty good too.

 Each of the girls got gloves, a necklace, and a hat I made for each of them.  We read Fancy Nancy before the party started to get the girls excited about dressing up fancy for the tea party.  Of course none of the girls really wanted to wear their hat and gloves as they ate.  Oh well.  I think they liked them anyway.   

 Bronson tried to photo bomb most of my pictures as I was taking them. 
 I made these tea cups for some party games we played. 

 The birthday girl. 

 Here are some pictures of when the food was put on the table.   
 Stella snitched a cookie before the party started. 

 Cute cousins. 

 I wanted to do a somewhat legit British tea.  We had three courses: tea sandwiches,
scones with clotted cream and jam, and sweets.  Here are the tea sandwiches.  Peanut butter and jelly butterflies for the girls and chicken salad flowers for the moms. 
 Scones with clotted cream and jam. 
 All dressed up. 

 This little girl LOVED to pour the chocolate milk.  I think she drank 3/4 of all that was consumed.  Almost every picture I took of her shows her pouring the "tea."  She had to go to the bathroom twice during the party:)

 This little girl liked to flit around and play in the decorations. 
 Party games.  How many teacups can you stack before they tip? 
 Stella blew out her three candles one by one.  I was worried the flowers would catch fire while she took her time blowing them out.  Happy birthday Stella.  We sure love you.