Monday, April 13, 2015


 We are moving to ST. GEORGE!  Stella's cheesy grin just about conveys my excitement.  Phillip got a job at Reid-Ashman Manufacturing Inc.  We are all so excited.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying so earnestly for us.  Love you all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter in Burlington

 The kids and I went up to Burlington for Easter this year.  Phillip stayed behind to do some studying for a job interview he has on Wednesday.  Keep us in your prayers!  Anne has three bouncy animals the kids really enjoyed playing with.  They had races all over the house.  Bronson got a lot of enjoyment from just bouncing up and down as high as he could. 

 All three kids together and ready to go. 
 Decorating Easter eggs on Saturday morning. 

 Bronson wanted to join in on the egg coloring.  He also enjoyed eating the cracked eggs we couldn't dye. 

 Phillip's Aunt Susan and Uncle Pete sent these sunglasses to the kids in an Easter package.  The kids wanted to wear the glasses over to Pete and Susan's house while we were in Burlington.  Pete and Susan were surprised to see three little bunnies on their front porch on Saturday night. 

 On Easter morning, the kids were excited to hunt around for candy.  Bronson picked up a few chocolates...
 and then decided it would be more fun to play with the balloon he got at Grandma Bea's house. 
 Stella with her loot. 
Bradford with his loot.  We had a good time in Burlington.  Thanks for everything Anne and Diana.