Friday, October 30, 2015

October Preschool-Fall/Halloween Theme

 Fall is my favorite season.  I really enjoyed the fall/Halloween preschool theme we had for the month of October. We focused on apples, pumpkins, harvest, and Halloween.  We played an apple seed counting game.  The kids rolled the dice, counted the number of dots they rolled, and then put that number of "seeds" on the apple card I printed from an online source. 
 I made apple pie scented play dough.  The kids rolled the dice to figure out how many apples they needed to make from the play dough.  They rolled the play dough into balls and then put the "apples" on the tree.  The kids liked to pretend to pick and eat the apples from the tree. 
 For one of our science activities, we taste tested three different varieties of apples and then graphed which apples the kids liked best.  The kids loved trying all the apples. 
We read a book about how apple cider is made and then we drank some cider during snack time.
 We used apple slices and paint to stamp apple wreaths for an art project. 
 We enjoyed apple slices and caramel dip for a snack. 
 Here are all of the apple wreaths.  I thought the kids did a good job.
 We used these pumpkins to practice counting to ten.  I hid the pumpkins around the room and had the kids go on pumpkin hunt.  After the kids found all the pumpkins, we placed them on a table and counted them to make sure we had ten.  It was a fun way to practice one-to-one correspondence.  The kids really enjoyed the game. 
I made this sensory bin following an online source.  The kids have LOVED it.  I put beans, pumpkins, and toy tractors in the bin for a harvest theme.  The kids pretended the beans were potatoes and loaded them up in the tractors/trailers.  But they really enjoyed just running their fingers through the beans and using the cups to pick up and dump the beans into the bin.  

 We talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin and the different parts of a pumpkin...
 then we cut the top off a pumpkin and had a look at what was inside it.  We put dirt and a little water in it, and we are going to watch the pumpkin seeds sprout from the top.  Stay tuned for pictures of how it turns out:)
 We ended the month with a monster bash Halloween party. 
 We read Halloween books (one of my favorites is Little Goblins Ten), decorated pumpkins, and made monster slime for the kids to take home.  I think the kids enjoyed the party, and they loved the treats, of course. 
The monster slime :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stuh--ella-Queen of the Whole World

 Bradford made this crown for Stella a couple days ago.  She wore it all afternoon, and she kept telling me she was the "Queen of the WHOLE World."  Stella has realized that whenever she tells people her name, they think she's saying "Sarah."  She has been practicing her name by saying "STUH-(pause)-ella."  She walks around the house saying "Hello.  My name is Stuh-(pause)-ella."

Sleeping Baby

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bryce and Crows

 All of my boys have worn this little outfit.  I was going to post pictures of each of them in it, but after looking back at my photos of Bronson, I realized I never took a picture of him wearing it.  Sad day. 

 This will have to be close enough.  I didn't realize they were wearing almost the same outfit until I had them pose together for this picture. 
Bronson is a little blurry in this one, but I thought it was cute. 
 I'm not quite sure what this face from Bronson means, but he walks up to me with it quite often. 
 We had craft day today at my mom's house.  Mattie was too good for us and decided to go hunting with Chantry; I don't know what to say about that girl and her priorities :)  We made these little crows as a fall decoration.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


 Bradford is so proud of his watermelon.  He got the seed from a primary handout in my mom and dad's ward when we lived there.  We transferred the plant to the ground when we moved to Hurricane.  It survived and even produced! 
Our melon crop so far.  Bronson and I aren't into the cantaloupe as much.  I don't like watermelon either, but Brad's watermelon was pretty juicy and had a really sweet flavor. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


 Bryce Bundy Davidson was born on October 2nd at 8:45 pm.  He weighed seven pounds seven ounces and was 20 inches long.  He has been a good little baby so far, and he is MUCH loved by his siblings.  I have had to get out the timer for Bradford and Stella so they can take equal turns holding the baby.  This morning, Stella held the baby for 30 minutes straight.  I feel like that's a lot for a three year old, but she just didn't want to give him up.  

 Bronson was so excited to see the new baby when my mom brought him to the hospital.  He likes to give the baby kisses. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Preschool-Colors and Shapes

We focused on colors and shapes for the month of September in preschool.  I think the kids had a fun time with the theme.
For one of our art projects, the kids created rainbow collages.  I never would have guessed how much fun the kids would have with the glue.  I had to repeat "Dot, dot, NOT a lot" over and over again. 
We used these laminated crayons for think, pair, share.  Among other things, I had the kids take the crayons around the room and match them to objects of the same color.  The kids had fun with it. 
We made play dough for one of our science projects.  The kids mixed colors to make their dough.  Stella was thrilled with the orange she made. 
The kids used glue and sprinkles to make more color collages.
We used these laminated shapes for think, pair, share as well.  The kids were pretty creative as they found objects of various shapes around the room.  They were so proud of themselves when they found shapes in what they considered tricky spots. 
These cracked me up.  We made shape monsters.  It was amazing to me how different they all turned out.  I have really come to discover that preschoolers are not conventional; eyes can be used for noses, and they don't necessarily need to be placed above the mouth
I really liked these pattern block printable mats I found online.  They were perfect for the pattern blocks I already had.
I cut out shapes on my Cricut and had the kids practice tracing their names with them.  As you can tell from all of our projects this month, I quickly learned that anything with glue was a big success.
I thought this was another great online find.  The kids practiced their scissor skills and cut out their own shape poem flashcards.  I thought Stella did a pretty great job cutting for a three year old. 
Here are some of the classroom additions I have made.  The kids loved coloring their hand print, and they LOVE being helpers in the classroom.
Our weather chart.  We have had a lot of sunny and very warm days this September.  I am loving living in southern Utah right now!
I have the kids practice writing their names every day.  Stella loves writing her name and every other letter too.   
We had an ice cream shop for dramatic play during center time this past week.  I have ice cream scoops of each color, so I thought it would be fun to set up shop and let the kids review their colors.  We also used play dough one day to make the scoops.  The kids really enjoyed that.  It looks like Stella wore the same outfit all month, but I took all of these pictures yesterday to showcase what we have been up to. 
I think I will use the ice cream shop set up for other dramatic play ideas.  We will be doing a fall/Halloween theme for the month of October, so it might be fun to have an apple/pumpkin stand.  We'll see.  For now, the stand has become a fixture in our preschool room.  I have really enjoyed teaching preschool so far.  It has been a little crazy as I have tried to do preschool while preparing for baby number four, but it has also made the time go by quickly.  I am going to be induced tomorrow.  Happy day!