Monday, December 21, 2015

December Happenings So Far....

 Christmas tree 2015.  I made a few pecan balls to add to our tree this year.  Phillip picked out the tree, and it is a lot taller and fuller than our other trees have been.  I was worried I wouldn't have enough decorations to fill it.  We managed. 
 I am on the Relief Society activities committee.  Best calling ever!  For our RS Christmas party this year, we had an ugly Christmas sweater fashion show.  Here is one of the winners. 
 I was in charge of sharing a thought after another lady read the book Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect.  I copied these brownie Christmas trees from Pinterest to go along with my thought. 

 Shea's sweater was quite amazing.  It evolved over the month of December.  Every week in RS, she gave a tip of the week to help the sisters come up with ideas to make their ordinary sweaters uglier.  This thing had lights attached to it, a little pouch attached on the back so she could share candy canes with her friends, and one of my favorite tips was when she advised us to get inspiration from our favorite Christmas story: hence the stockings under her arm for "their stockings were hung by the chimney with care."  You can't see it very well in this picture, but attached to the top of her arm is a little Santa going down a chimney. 
 Bradford was part of the chorus for the presentation of the nativity at our ward Christmas breakfast. 
 This Santa looks a little creepy in each of these pictures.  My kids were super easy this year: Bradford said he didn't know what he wanted, Stella said she wanted gum, and Bronson just sat there without saying a thing. 
 The lighting went weird in these last two pictures with Santa. 
 Bronson was in it for the candy cane. 
 Neighbor Christmas treats. 
 The kids performed a Christmas song with these chimes at Mattie's birthday party. 
 My mom had a nativity matching game for the kids to play.  It was a little crazy. 

 Mattie opening presents.  She opened a card at the very end that had ultrasound pictures in it.  Not only is this girl pregnant, she also knows what she's having.  Another boy is on the way!  Way to keep a secret Mattie. 
 I helped at Bradford's Christmas party.  We did a winter wonderland theme.  The game I was in charge of was HILARIOUS.  We took jumbo marshmallows and pretended they were snowballs.  The kids got in teams of two.  One kid held a bucket on top of his head while the other kid tried to throw the "snowballs" into the bucket.  The team with the most snowballs in their bucket after a minute won. 
 Christmas outfits.  I have come to the sad realization that I will never get a good picture of my children in their Christmas outfits.  Haha.  Oh well. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

December Preschool-Alphabet Emphasis and Christmas

 This month we emphasized the alphabet.  We put kinetic sand in the discovery table with letter cutouts.  One little boy always had to find "his" J.  He really enjoyed stamping out Js. 

 I saw this idea online.  It's a Christmas tree number puzzle. 
We also made squeeze fudge as a science project for the Christmas holiday.  The kids were amazed that the ingredients combined to make delicious fudge.  I was surprised by how good it tasted considering how simple and headache free the process was. 
 The finished product .

 We've been reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom all month as we've emphasized different letters.  The kids enjoyed "walking" the letters up the coconut tree, and they especially enjoyed making all of them fall out of the tree. 
 We decorated gingerbread men for our Christmas party.  Stella used A LOT of frosting and candy. 

This was my favorite online find for the month of December.  Someone brilliant decided to add jingle bells to the Magna-Tiles.  They were used as ornaments and lights on trees and houses constructed by the kids. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bryce Smiling and Family Get Together

 Stella loves holding the baby.  I hope Bryce makes it to one. 
 Bryce has started to smile a lot lately. 
 I think these two look so much alike.  This picture doesn't really show how similar their features are, but sometimes I think Wesley is Bronson when I see him moving around at family functions. 
 On Wednesday evening, we went to the temple to see the lights then went to Mattie's house for donuts, hot chocolate, and a reenactment of the nativity.  It was a lot of fun.  Thanks Matt! 

 Two Cheesers.  Bronson's donut was on the floor more than it was on the napkin.  
 I told the kids to stuff their faces with donut.  They were more than willing to do that. 
Our nativity was quite something.  We're calling it a dress rehearsal for next year.  Stella looks like one ornery sheep in this picture.