Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentine's Day

     Growing up, we looked forward to passing out Valentine's goodies to family and friends on our street.  Even though our names were attached to the treats, we still tried to ring and run.  It became a big game every year to see who could pass out treats without getting caught.  Of course we had some die-hards.  In my day, it was Aunt Margie, Trumbull, Abby, Mattie, etc.  One year, Trumbull got on the roof of his house so he could catch everyone as they approached the house.  I still think that was cheating.  You get the picture.  It was exciting to be back on Bundy Lane on Valentine's Day for the festivities.  We didn't have much success in our own deliveries; we had quite a few young troops.  However, I appreciated Mattie's enthusiasm.  She's just about in her third trimester of pregnancy, but she made sure to put on some sneakers before we left the house in case she had to make any mad dashes.  I was quite impressed with Berkley and her husband; they divided and conquered.  We could see them scoping out our house, and we kept opening the door and giving them grief, but they were patient.  When we least expected it, they divided up and simultaneously rang/knocked both the front and back door of my parent's house.  I was two feet away from the back kitchen door, it has a full length window, and I still didn't catch a glimpse of Jordan.
     We were pretty lame this year and didn't get ANY Valentine's cards mailed to people.  I had good intentions, I really did.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


 I turned 28 on the 29th of January, Katie turned 30 on February 2nd, and Stella turned four on February 2nd.  We had a combined birthday bash at my mom's house last Sunday. 

 Stella was excited about all of her presents. 
 Stella had a birthday party with her preschool friends. 

 Anne gave Bradford this electric circuit board for Christmas.  This combination plays the Happy Birthday tune; we have been using it to sing Happy Birthday to people. 
Stella got a new bed for her birthday.  She has been very excited about it.  She had better be careful or she might find Phillip and I joining her in the middle of the night like she used to do to us before she had a real bed. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Youth Conference

I went with the youth to Bryce Canyon for youth conference.  It was a lot of fun; I think we have a great bunch of youth.  The kids got to go cross country skiing, ice skating, and swimming.  The cross country skiing was a lot of fun, but it got a little warm.  I was shedding layers as much as I could.  It looks cold and dreary in this picture, but it was almost forty degrees when we went.