Monday, April 25, 2016

Kite Festival and Mattie's Baby Shower

Bradford has been very excited to attend the annual Kite Festival in Washington County. He had to read 700 minutes over the last few months in order to earn a free kite. There were also a lot of other fun things for the kids to do. I took 3 of Katie's kids and we had a lot of fun.

 On Saturday, we also had Mattie's baby shower at my mom's house. It was pretty windy outside, so we chose not to hold the event outdoors like we had hoped. Instead, we hung pink pom pom-poms and decorated with all my dad's deer heads in the background. Very fitting for Mattie:)
 Abby crocheted this blessing dress for Mattie's baby.

 I thought about putting some of the pink pom-poms on the noses of the deer.

 As always, I have an overload of pictures of the decorations and fluff.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Visit with Todd and Eliza

We were able to go to Salt Lake early last week to attend the wedding reception of one of Phillip's cousins.  While we were there, we met up with Todd and Eliza and toured the conference center. 
Outside the temple with Phillip's Aunt Nancy. 

Tim and Ren.  
Todd and Eliza traveled down to southern Utah with us for a visit.  We went to Red Cliffs and hiked around.  Here, the kids found a hollowed out tree...
Everyone fit inside!

Bronson: "I'm perfectly content to stay out of the water-thank you!"
Phillip, Todd, Eliza, and Stella did some wading at the first pool.  Bradford was at school, so he missed out. 

This girl was brave.
This is as close as Bronson cared to get to the water. 

This was fun enough for Phillip and Todd to try.  They did some rock sliding into the water.  The water was so deep that they never touched the bottom after going down the slide. 
Content to sit on the rock beach. 
Bradford created crowns for Todd and Eliza and named them King and Queen.  Todd had Bradford and Stella swing dance for him and Eliza.  Of course the kids had to get all dressed up as prince and princess before they could do that.  They then dressed up Todd and Eliza and taught them how to swing dance.  The favorite move was "The Dip." 

Playing hide-and-seek with the kids at the base of Three Falls. 

We went to Weeping Rock in Zion.  I was amazed to learn that the water seeping out of the rocks is 1200 years old.  Apparently, the water moves from the top of the plateaus in Zion down through permeable layers or rock until it reaches less porous rock that then forces the water to move laterally until it eventually reaches the cliff side and "weeps" from the rock.    

At the Upper Emerald Pool in Zion.  It was fun to have visitors.  The kids were especially disappointed to see Uncle Todd go. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Real Table!!!

We finally have a new kitchen table after about 4 years of using a fold-up table and chairs. Yea! We had a man in our ward make the table and benches for us. We stained and finished the table. It is so nice to have it done.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Saturday before Easter

 Growing up, we always spent the Friday and Saturday before Easter camping on the Strip.  We always had an egg hunt, and we often shot skeets or looked for sheds.  This year was pretty much the same.  Phillip brought our BB guns, and the kids were able to shoot those as well.  It was pretty relaxed and fun.  We were also able to watch Uncle Barry fly his drone around which was amazing to see. 

 Sade was a good helper with the little kids. 

 The kids decided to ride the dummy instead of roping it. 

 This boy and his hat. 
Stella said she wanted kisses from Grandpa.  She wore the Shrek ears all day long that Anne sent in an Easter package.