Tuesday, May 3, 2016


 So we have a goat! We bought her from my cousin. Her name is Payoda (Pie-oh-duh). Stella wanted to name her Ballerina Princess....As awesome as that sounded, we thought we should get some other ideas:) We are going to eventually try to milk her, so we looked up names associated with milk. Payoda means cloud, giver of water, or giver of milk in Indian.
 We have been growing oats for said goat since January. So happy they are getting trimmed by Payoda now:) As you can see in the above pic, they were getting tall.
Okay, why am I reminded of The Emperor's New Groove in this pic? Phillip was very concerned about Payoda getting wet in all the rain we have been receiving. (Sadly, I didn't worry at all). He wanted to build her a shelter that would protect her without giving her a foot stool with which to jump out of her pen. Good idea, huh? She is happy anyway. So far, Stella loves her most. I am just glad she hasn't escaped and started eating our fruit trees:)

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Carol Bundy said...

Super Awesome- Love the shelter!